DiskDigger Pro file recovery

Recover deleted files easily and quickly with great ability of Diskdigger Pro file recovery. You can download the APK file of this app for free via the links below the article.

Introduce about Diskdigger Pro
What is Diskdigger Pro?
Diskdigger Pro is a paid version of Diskdigger, an application that allows users to find the deleted files on a rooted Android device. The application easily scans files such as photos, videos, music, documents in the device’s hard drive, then displays it on the screen for you to restore it when needed.


How does Diskdigger Pro work?
You know, Android phones don’t have the Recycle Bin like PC, so sometimes we mistakenly delete a commemorative photo, or an important file and we can’t do anything but wish that never happened. Understanding this situation of users, the developer Defiant Technologies came up with the idea of Diskdigger, an application that allows you to find and recover deleted files. So how does it work?

If you don’t know, after deleting a file on your Android phone, that file has never been completely deleted from the system. It is still saved on the hard drive as a deleted file and is not visible when you access the device’s storage. Diskdigger gives you a second chance when it scans all the files on your system, including deleted files. After successful scan, it shows all deleted files, you can choose to restore it back to the original.


Select “Scan Full” so the application will start scanning your entire hard drive. Sure, you will get thousands of results with a multitude of system files, junk files, … To help users quickly find the file you want, the application allows you to choose the file type, the minimum size of the file. You should choose the most detailed way to optimize your search time. Besides, you can also partition the memory for faster scanning, in which the device’s internal memory usually appears as “/data”, SD card appears as “/mnt/sdcard”.

What about the phone is not rooted?
Diskdigger Pro requires your Android phone to be rooted to scan for deleted files on the disk. If your phone is not rooted, the application can still function, but not 100% performance as a rooted phone. Specifically, the app only allows you to find and recover certain file types, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll find it. You can also find only photo files, not video files.


What is difference between Diskdigger Pro and free version?
Diskdigger Pro is sold for $ 2.99 on Google Play, giving you much more powerful features than the free version. The Pro version can dig deeper, more detailed than what the free version can do. Specifically, most users use the free version for the purpose of searching for photos and videos. If you want to recover other file types, or a large file type, you can’t do that with the free version.

Diskdigger Pro version has powerful and intensive digging capabilities. The app allows you to search and recover any type of file via FTP, as long as your phone is rooted. Besides, the application also provides the ability to clean up free space in the hard drive, helping your device to have more memory space and work smoother.


Where is the file saved after recovery?
There are three ways to save a file after restoring including saving in the application, saving on local storage and saving on an FTP server. You can choose to save on the app to quickly save data on apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail. If you want to save it on an FTP server, you need to log in to sync your data on Cloud.

Disk cleaning
This is a feature exclusive to the Pro version. As mentioned above, Diskdigger Pro has the ability to completely delete files from the system, which means you can no longer recover. This means you cannot find and recover that data, even if you use Diskdigger Pro or a similar application.


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