Good Habit Develop

Add the habits you want to track in a quick and easy way

Good Habit Develop is the perfect app for anyone who wants to start a new habit or break an old one. With Good Habit Develop, you can track your progress with beautiful grid graphs. Whether you're trying to quit smoking, eat healthier, or exercise more, Good Habit Develop can help you reach your goals. You can customize your dashboard by adjusting the colors, ICONS, and descriptions. Get momentum from increasing the number of colored tiles on your customary dashboard.

Habit of creation
Add the habits you want to track in a quick and easy way. Provide a name, description, icon, and color, and you're good to go.

Indicator panel
All your habits are displayed on the dashboard, represented by a cool grid graph. Each filled box shows a day when you stuck to your habit.

Get momentum from the winning streak. Tell the app how often you want to complete a habit (3/ week, 20/ month, every day,...) And see how your winning streak grows!

Don't miss completing tasks again, and add reminders to your routine. You will be notified at the appointed time.

A calendar provides a quick and easy way to manage past completions. Just click one day to delete or add finished.

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