Speed Test & Wifi Analyzer

Speed test app, your internet speed test quickly and accurately

Speed Test & Wifi Analyzer app is an internet speed test tool, wifi analyzer and test devices that are connecting to your wifi easily, quickly and accurately anywhere!

The Speed Test & Wifi Analyzer app also helps you to assess the quality of the internet connection speed and performance comparison test broadband speed overtime to find the best option for yourself.

With the Speed Test & Wifi Analyzer app, you can measure cellular connectivity and signal strength for 4G, 5G, DSL and ADSL. Speed Test app runs download speed test, upload speed test, and ping test to provide a consistently accurate measurement of internet speed. Speed Test & Wifi Analyzer runs on popular global server networks. The internet speed results are calculated with the average range of the samples.

To internet speed test/ wifi speed test, download speed, analyze upload speed and ping you open the Speed Test & Wifi Analyzer app. Then select the “Speed Test” feature and press “Start” button, once the speed meter is done testing you will get all the details about your internet connection like ping, download and download speed up. Moreover, the Speed Test & Wifi Analyzer application will evaluate the connection quality based on the results.

And what's more, the Speed Test & Wifi Analyzer app also saves internet speed test/ wifi speed test results permanently, convenient to help you check previous connection and compare with current connection to find out which internet network has the fastest speed.

Also Speed Test & Wifi Analyzer is the best network scanner app for any android phone device which helps you to discover all the devices connected to your wifi. Wifi analyzer helps you find a less crowded channel for your wifi router. This Wifi analyzer provides useful information about the wireless signals around you.

During your internet speed test/ wifi speed test, make sure that no programs are downloading or any phones on the local network (if any) are using the internet connection to make sure that the measurement result is correct. In addition, you should also conduct the test multiple times on multiple devices in different locations for the most accurate results.

Download the Speed Test & Wifi Analyzer app to internet speed test and wifi speed test for all your connections.



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