Show All WiFi Password, WiFi Speed Analyzer and WiFi Automatic Connect.
WiFi Password show and WiFi Analyzer is a useful WiFi tool to recover all the passwords of the wireless networks you have ever connected. It is quite often that we forget the password of the WiFi network, no worry, WiFi Password key Recovery will help to recovery all the passwords from your system database. But this requires the root permission. You can measure your WiFi connection speed ,signal strength, Your IP address and much more about your wifi connection. Wifi Password key show Root Required to recover the wifi passwords.
Wifi Password key show gives you all the saved wifi passwords for wifi Networks You've connected

WiFi Automatic Connect:
WiFi Automatic Connect will help your device auto Turn ON or OFF WIFI connection to save battery. You can set the time and date to automatically turn off WiFi again, if you turn on your device or when you enter a specified location. Turn on WiFi when the screen is unlocked. Disable Wi-Fi when the screen is locked. Enable and disable Wi-Fi connections.
Wifi Analyzer:
Wifi Password show and Wifi Analyzer is a useful WiFi tool to analyze and optimize your WiFi networks. Check signal strength and find the best place where no interference found. This Wifi network analyzer helps to decrease interference and increase connection speed and stability. Graph Access Point signal strength over time.WiFi band, Signal strength, Security and SSID


Wifi Speed Test:
Wifi Speed Test - Speed Check, is best tool to check internet speed, tests speed on one click. It show the speed of wifi and internet. Wifi Speed Test helps to exactly acquire the speed of ping, downloading and uploading, and ensure the network security of wifi hotspots.
Wifi Password show App Main Features:
• WiFi Password Show is the best WiFi password key recovery app.
• List of all Wi-Fi password saved in your device.
• List of all available Wi-Fi connections with signal Strength.
• Shows SSID and Password of all the connections saved in a device.
• Shows the currently connected network and its password.
• Show wifi password key viewer and wifi key recovery.
• Recover password master key and wifi password key.
• Best WiFi Optimizer, wifi Manager & wifi Analyzer.
• Measure exact WiFi Download speed and Upload Speed.
• MAC address of access point.
• Wifi signal strength, speed test and speed measurement.
• Recover lost wifi passwords and show all Wifi password.
• Network SSID, Network security and Channel rating.
• Free wifi password key for rooted devices.
• Check WiFi channel signal strength and find the best signal WiFi around you..
• Automatic connect disconnect on one click.
• Network frequency, Channel Rating And Much More

Wifi Password show application makes use of the Superuser privileges, hence devices need to be rooted to recover wifi passwords. Anyhow without root you can use all other features like wifi speed test, wifi analyzer ,wifi automatic unlock and connect.
• Wifi Password show and analyzer doesn't discover the WiFi passwords.
• This is not a hacking tool.
• This application does not use or share any kind of user personal information with any third party.
• This app does not share any kind of information or user name or passwords with others
• We will Not Store any type of User Data In This app.
This app is not violating any google play policy.
If you have any query please contact us...
Thanks for using.

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